So Hip! So Crappy!

Man….VW Vans are so cool.

I’ve owned 3….a cruddy 1972 (first car!)…a 1968….and a split window 1967 that I never drove that sat in the driveway waiting for me to learn enough about “mechanicing” to get it back together.

They were all fun in a horrible way….but other than the “cool factor”, I don’t know that I’d have another one.

A Grand Caravan is a better vehicle….and it’s not cool….but I bet that I could make a pretty great camper out of one.

I will bet that I could.

A VW camper van is pretty cool, though.

I remember that Jenny and I looked at one when we were first married that was selling for 1100 dollars….a ’71….but I didn’t end up buying it.

23 years ago, you could still buy one for 1100 dollars.

This van has a Subaru motor.

Good for them.

It’s a heck of a lot better that my old 1972.

These old vans make me happy.

I’m glad that I don’t have to work on one all the time anymore, though.

No….forget that Grand Caravan comment.

A Grand Caravan, no matter how great a vehicle it is, will never be as cool as an old Volkswagen.


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