Standing in Your Kitchen

bittertownI can’t speak for all the ladies.

That would be pretty presumptuous of me to think that.

I could probably speak for about 43% of them at best.

Ladies are mysterious.

And anyway….I’m a dude.

What do dudes know about “lady stuff”?

I’m kidding, of course, about knowing any secrets. I really don’t know any secret stuff….lady stuff or otherwise.

I love the way this lady writes.

I don’t know if there are a whole lot of people who write about “real stuff” as well as she does.

None of the things she writes about are “secrets”….but she illuminates something that a lot of people never get a chance to express as eloquently.

Take this song, for example….

“stealing kisses” Lori McKenna

You’d have to have begun your career after you’d been married for a while….and had 3 children….and had done some living…to be able to write a song like that.

“one man” Lori McKenna

There are a lot of good performers in the world.

I’m easily impressed by a little bit of passion and some musical skill.

I can go into most places that have live music and think, “Man! He’s really good” or “She’s really good!” but it’s always the writing that separates the “really good” from the “really good” for me.

I think that Lori McKenna is really good.

Here’s a song from her 2013¬†album, Massachusetts.

“how romantic is that?” Lori McKenna

We need more¬†music that’s “grown up” music….music that maybe doesn’t chart really high or anything, but is true and says something that means something.

I think that there’s still enough room in this crowded world for something true.


The new album is called Numbered Doors.

“all a woman wants” Lori McKenna


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