the same flower

P1060585I’ve written before about how I think about “away” a lot.

I don’t know how or why that started….the feeling that somewhere else would be more complete or better, a place to really bloom, a springboard….a landing pad for all of my big dreams.

I don’t know how that started.

When you love to travel….but find it (or make it….maybe I just make it…) hard to travel….you imagine that “away” holds something that the place you find yourself right now┬ácan’t give you.

But….if I looked at this flower….and didn’t know that it was a picture my daughter took in Idaho….I might imagine that it was taken in our back yard.

Where I am and where I think I need to be aren’t all that far apart.

I listen to books in the car while I’m driving the mail around….and some of them are about what I think the authors called “metaphysics”.

I don’t understand metaphysics….but the thought that we’re all connected at a cellular level is kind of encouraging.

If that’s true….if the idea that we all share some unseen connection….some spiritual connection or molecular affiliation or ….something….then….I can’t imagine a place that I haven’t been on some level….already.

What someone breathes out in China…..I breathe in eventually in North Carolina.

No one sees any connection to anyone else when they’re rioting in the streets….or shooting each other down because we just never can understand each other.

It would probably blow our minds to understand just how connected to each other we really are.

I’ve heard that Hell is separation from God.

Maybe “Hell on Earth” is never knowing that we share a connection to each other?

Maybe Hell is just separation….period?

Maybe it’s just pretty early in the morning here.

Where I find myself in the moment isn’t the only place I am….or will be.

Nice flower, Zoe……

“big hourglass” LJ Booth

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